Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lazy Susan

Thought I'd share with you a project that I've been working on for quite a while that I just finished. The wood lazy susan was handmade by my brother for me to woodburn and paint. I love starting with a blank slate of wood that I can put whatever I want onto! I learned how to woodburn about ten years ago, and it definitely took a while to get the hang of. You would think that it would be similar to holding a pencil or brush, but you actually have to move your hand quite differently and it takes a while to learn how to get smooth lines, especially the ones that are curvy. For this lazy susan, I decided to draw flowers in the center that I remember seeing in my mother's garden. 
In this photo you can (barely) see the pencil lines of my drawing and I have a little of the woodburning done.
A little more woodburning done :)

All of the woodburning done.
Next I stained it with water-based oak and walnut stain, mixing a metallic gold glaze in with the oak. I wish I had took a picture of it like that because I considered leaving it that way. It really shows the detail of the woodburning more than when its painted. I'm kind of thinking that if I do another one this detailed I will just stain it and leave it. Anyway, I decided to paint this one because I kept envisioning all of mom's pretty flowers in color. Here is another photo of the finished product.

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