Friday, October 15, 2010

I Love Pumpkins!

I had my 31st birthday recently and it was wonderful. Particularly special was the pumpkin. We usually go out of town for my birthday, but have been tight on money lately and decided to stay home and do fun things around here. We took a scenic highway drive near here that I have never been on and stopped to have a picnic (we also stopped numerous times for me to take pictures:-).

Then we carved a pumpkin when we got home, and later went to my mom's house for a family dinner. It was a wonderful day, so glad that Columbus/Native American Day fell on my birthday this year so that my husband had it off. So what was special about the pumpkin? The weekend before my birthday I told him some things I would like to do and one of them was to carve a pumpkin, just a fun October thing to do that we don't usually do. But that weekend we were really short on cash so I had decided not to even buy a pumpkin. When we went to church that night, one of the church members was giving away free pumpkins. I really felt like the pumpkin was a special birthday gift from God. And He also provided for us financially so that we are back on track. Thank you God!

And I actually do really like pumpkins, I may or may not have had a nickname in college related to my love of pumpkins...

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