Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

As it gets closer to my birthday, I start to indulge more and more in my favorite things. A picnic out in the beautiful Fall scenery, a strong cup of jasmine tea, buying new art supplies, and taking photos of stuff I love become priorities. And my husband gets more and more stressed as I put more expectations on him and ask him to do crazy things. Last year I was determined to have a picnic despite the fact that it was snowing---a little cold, but I got some great photos of Fall foliage covered in snow!
So I spent some time today taking photos of some of my favorite vintage finds over the years. Did I mention I like green?


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  2. I, too, have always loved green, Lacey! old books, suitcases, containers. . . never thought to put them in a group and photograph them! I just found your blog. Love it! You are sooo talented! Bless your hubby for helping you "indulge." (picnics are ALWAYS good!)