Saturday, August 24, 2013

My home

So a few different people have been asking me what my house looks like. I think they see all the funky stuff in the shop and think what in the world does her house look like? So here is a post with some pics of the interior of our house.

One of my favorite paintings ever, by Nancy Griffin. I'm lucky enough to have a husband that will occasionally splurge on artwork for my birthday :)
 And this beautiful door knob coat hanger was of course made by my talented mom, one of her first.
And she and I built this built-in bookcase. Yes, we already have way too many books for it. I'm trying to convince myself to get rid of some of them.
Papaya wall hanging :)
The scroll painting on the wall was a going away gift from some of our students in China.

Paris photos by Jessica Smit, a great friend and talented artist. Check out her paintings here.

We've done a lot of work on the house, but there are definitely things that still need updated, hopefully we will eventually get to them. I probably would have gone slightly more muted with some of the colors, but I have a husband that likes very bright colors, so they were a compromise. I picked the two very neutral colors out myself and they are maybe a little too boring so its probably good we have to compromise. :) And I think its obvious that the year we lived in China has definitely influenced our style, although I've always had an affinity for Asian things so maybe not. Also, as far as store items go, I have kept back a few of our auction finds that I just loved: a wood mid-century modern chair that now sits at Cory's synth (which doesn't appear in any of the photos), a cool old phone chair, and there is a floor lamp I'm considering that we haven't found a shade to fit yet. We also bought a very cool mid-century upholstered chair from Sandhills Sage to replace a chair in the living room that was in terrible shape. The basement still looks like a basement and the two tiny upstairs bedrooms still need a lot of work. Anyway, this is our house so far...

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