Friday, January 25, 2013

All That Glitters...

What do you do when you want to have a winter wonderland themed wedding and real flowers don't seem to fit in? Our client decided to go with paper flowers with lots of sparkle and shine, reminiscent of snow sparkling on a winter landscape. We made over 80 individual flowers to go in the reception table centerpieces. Some of those are pictured below.

We also made boutonnieres and corsages. We tried to keep the bouts clean and simple with not too much sparkle as to not scare off the guys from wanting to even put them on. :) Our client requested the music note ones for the musicians to wear. :)

The corsages on the other hand...These were encrusted with glitter. Each flower was sprayed with adhesive and dusted with iridescent glitter. Liquid silver glitter glue lined the edges. And as a final touch, gems were added to the centers.

Our client provided us with glittered snowflakes and antique silver cones in various shapes and sizes for the bridesmaid bouquets. We added glittered paper flower petals and white feathers to make the wintery bouquets.

Awesome clients with a very unique wedding and we are so grateful for the opportunity to design their flowers! If you are friends with me on facebook, you'll know that toward the end of the order I felt like my person and everything I owned had been covered with glitter and feathers! But in the end, I won the epic battle with glitter and from what I hear, my client had a gorgeous wedding. If I get any pics from the wedding, I will post soon!

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  1. love it! esp. the top photo. :) my sister also did a winter wonderland wedding- so many creative ideas!