Saturday, March 26, 2011

Waiting For Spring

I hear the cherry blossom trees are blooming in DC as I look out over our snow-covered hills. This time of year I’m always so ready for spring, seems like it never truly comes until May here. Lately I’ve been reminiscing about some great spring trips I’ve taken over the years. The most recent was two years ago when I took a trip to Phoenix to hang out with some girlfriends from college. I’ll admit, I was not that excited to go to Phoenix. Warm weather fine, but a dry desert? Isn’t spring all about green? I was sorely mistaken. The cacti and succulents were amazing in full bloom. The scenery was so beautiful that I find myself returning to those photos over and over again just to refresh my memories. And it was warm during the day, but not too hot, and cool in the evenings. Perfect spring weather. We had a great time.
Another spring trip I look back on often was our trip to Japan. Cherry blossoms were a little late blooming that year and we went during the perfect time without even trying. In the Tokyo parks the boughs were heavy laden with blossoms, pink petals already covering the ground. I’m praying that the cherry blossoms bring some sort of small sweetness this year to a country racked with pain.
I love it when beauty bursts into our broken lives and takes our breath away. I just need a little help being patient in between times. 

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