Monday, November 29, 2010

A tropical Christmas?

I'm a real -as in not fake- Christmas tree snob. I completely understand the benefits and efficiency of fake trees. But there is just something about real trees that I don't want to give up. Going out to pick out the perfect shape, the scent of pine filling your house, and the look and feel of the tree. There is something I do want to give up...the price. I just can't justify spending $25-30 on a tree every year when we don't even have Christmas at my house (we always go to our parents). So I normally put up a tree every other year. This year I considered cutting down a tree from behind my mom's house, but the scrawny cedars and bonsai-shaped ponderosa pines just wouldn't cut it. The reason I was so anxious to put up a tree on my off year is that I got some gorgeous ornaments last year that just need to be displayed. :-) As I was getting out a few Christmas decorations this year, I kept glancing at the big palm plant I have in the corner. It was about the same size as a Christmas tree...It is real...It sits in the corner where I normally put the tree...So I decided to put some of my pretty bulbs on it and see what happened.
Kind of crazy, but kind of cool.
The most beautiful Christmas bulb ever...
 Here are a few of my other decorations.
Yay! Christmas is coming!

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  1. I totally agree with you - besides your palm tree is looking quite the part:) Hope your festive season is magical. Thanks for popping in, xo Janine