Sunday, May 2, 2010

Running Into A Glass Wall

So I've been asked/volunteered to come up with a window display for our church. We have two large storefront windows on Main Street and have nothing in them. I love doing anything creative and artsy, so I jumped at the chance. I was definitely over-confident and zealous at first. It seemed like an easy, but fun task. The more I think about it and plan for it, the harder it becomes. First of all, its not like churches really have a product they are selling. Yes, we are definitely promoting living a life for God, but that is a pretty abstract concept that can be expressed in about a million ways. The sermon series title, "Genuine Joy," is also fairly abstract. Secondly, I'm not starting with a store full of stuff to choose from. I have to find everything I'm going to use for the windows, starting from scratch. When I started thinking about "Genuine Joy," very artsy, but girly ideas popped into my head. It would be pretty, but not express the feel of our church and what the series is all about. So then I started thinking more modern and cleancut and am still working on developing those ideas. Another problem I'm having, is that I'm so used to working in 2D that almost everything that comes into my head would be great for 2D, but very difficult in 3D. So I'm working at letting go of my 2D inhibitions, and broadening my artistic expression to 3D. AND working on coming up with something that wouldn't take a very long time to put together. Some of my ideas have definitely been very labor intensive. You'd think a blank slate would be great, but right now it looks a little too blank. I'll post about what I decide to do, if I ever get past my artist's block, and hopefully eventually have a picture of the end product.

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